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Cor-Dent Dental Centre is happy to provide the following selection of dental videos and other resources that you may find useful when researching information about your dental needs.

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Manitoba Dental Association

American Dental Association

Dental FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Dental Care FAQs
Fluoride FAQs
Gum Disease FAQs
Dental Amalgam FAQs
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Or you can email your questions to:
Dr. Sundeep Patel - drpatel@cor‑
Dr. Patti Ling - drling@cor‑
Dr. Jenny Gill - drgill@cor‑
Dr. Wade Salchert - drsalchert@cor‑

Dental Procedure Videos

Please view the following videos to learn more about the types of Dentistry procedures we are happy to provide at our convenient Corydon Ave. location

Tooth Loss Video
Tooth Loss
  Gingivitus Video
Cracked Tooth Video
Cracked Tooth
  Root Canal Video
Root Canal
Tooth Fillings Video
  Tooth Veneers Video
Tooth Veneers
Tooth Crowns Video
Tooth Crowns
  Teeth Whitening Video
Teeth Whitening


Looking for a Dentist in Winnipeg?
If you have a unique dental situation, or you are simply looking for an alternative to your current dentist, please contact us today. We can offer you a personal consultation and provide a solution that will suit your current situation. Please call us at (204) 452-7000 or send us an e-mail at:

  • "Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and especially caring are a few of the adjectives that describe Dr. Jenny Gill and her Assistant, Elena. Dr. Gill and Elena keep me totally informed about the process they are doing for my appointment and continually consult me to make sure I am comfortable and not in any discomfort. - Larry Fielding - Google Review -
  • Dr. Patel, Dr. Ling, Dr. Gill have always made me feel very welcomed to their office. I have been coming here for many years now and can honestly say they all treat me like family. Dr. Patel has taken great care of me and guided me into taking great care of my teeth. Now my kids go there! - Luke Antoniuk - Google Review -
  • Dr. Patel and his staff are wonderful. Everyone is courteous, caring and efficient. Dr. Patel always explains all your treatment options and gives recommendations that won't let you waste money. He's an extremely skilled and gentle dentist. I trust him and his assistants - that's important! - John McClure - Google Review -
  • Finding a good, helpful, informative, trustworthy dentist is not an easy task. Cor‑Dent is without question, an exceptional dental office and the best well managed facility I have ever visited. They have a team of dedicated professionals operating with state of the art equipment. - Paul F Grenkow - Google Review -
  • All staff is very Caring and helpful. I would recommend Cor‑Dent to everyone. The service is beyond expectations. - Tajinder Singh - Google Review -
  • I am so amazed with Dr Patel's services!! Gentle, Polite, Caring and understanding person and always trying to help the best he can!! Very rare to see a Doctor like him this days. All my family members are dealing with him and I am recommending him to everybody who is looking for THE BEST DENTAL SERVICES IN WINNIPEG!! - Mira Marion - Google Review -
  • We have been going to Cor‑Dent for many years now, and would never think of going anywhere else. The office is professionally run by friendly staff who treat us like family. Dr. Patel is very down-to-earth and carefully explains what is going on in your mouth, and what your options are for treatment. - Lorne Mack - Google Review -
  • I've been with Cor‑Dent for as long as I can remember and they are simply the best in Winnipeg. These dental professionals are the top of their craft and they answer all of my questions to make sure that I know all about my treatment and options. If you are considering a new dental office, I absolutely recommend Cor‑Dent. - Gerald Adams - Google Review -

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